Everyday Soldiers & Unheralded Voices of the LGBT Movement
Tracy Baim’s editorial files tell personal stories behind the LGBT movement.

The Challenge of Cataloging Complex Subjects
How the University of Leicester’s David Wilson Library and ProQuest teamed up to solve organizational inconsistencies across subjects.

Seeking Words, Finding Refuge: Literature for World Refugee Day
Exploring immigrants’ perspectives in three contemporary novels.

It’s Official: 2016 is Down in History
From Populist Movements and Nude Protests to Neanderthal Fire-making Techniques and Record Temperatures – A Year in Review.

Revealing Queen Victoria and the Consequences of Sex
Resources to explore marriage, childbirth and the conflicts of sexual desire in the Victorian era.

Why study social movements?
Discover resources that “spark new interest in how we got to where we are today, and how we might move forward to tomorrow.”

ProQuest is Your Singing Coach, Stylist, Agent & Manager
If you’ve been relying on Google for research, ProQuest can be your secret weapon for deep indexed and reliable information.

Discuss the 9/11 anniversary via SIRS Issues Researcher
SIRS® Issues Researcher provides background and current analysis necessary for the research and understanding of 320+ current and pervasive Leading Issues.

Meet Common Core Standards with ProQuest SIRS
Common Core Standards, a widely-adopted curriculum, “… are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.”

Architects Just Want to Have Fun
ProQuest’s Art and Architecture Archive will make it easy for whimsical researchers to generate ideas!
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