The Price to Purchase Your Own Freedom from Slavery
Resources to explore the limitations of freedom for “free” African-Americans before slavery was abolished.

Explore Research and Funding Opportunities in Women’s Studies
Resources for students and researchers in this eclectic, evolving interdisciplinary field.

Perspectives on the Evolving Role of Women in Rwanda
Resources for better learning and research insights on gender equality in the decades following genocide.

Exposing Women’s Experiences during the Holocaust for Researchers
Resources to learn from survivors, in their own words, about the horrors - and humanity - of Ravensbr

Revealing Queen Victoria and the Consequences of Sex
Resources to explore marriage, childbirth and the conflicts of sexual desire in the Victorian era.

Researching Triggers of Change in the Women’s Movement
Exploring resources curated to reflect the struggle of “creating a more humane world for all women to live in.”

ProQuest is at Work Improving Systems for Uninterrupted Learning and Exploration
Our goal is 100% uptime for ProQuest services and we will continue testing and improving our systems to achieve it.

What Scholarly Journals Are Researchers Importing Most?
Hint: Health and science are among the most popular disciplines for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Researching Black History Month – and Everyday Black History
Professor and author Matt Delmont talks about his digital media project, Black Quotidian, and the “messy” nature of history.

ProQuest platforms are currently experiencing connectivity issues
ProQuest platforms are currently experiencing connectivity issues due to an Amazon Web Services outage. ProQuest is in direct communication with Amazon in hopes to resolve this as soon as possible.
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