New Video Highlights Digitization of Early European Books
“I cannot imagine going back to the former way of doing research.” -Oliver Bosc, Head of Arsenal Library BnF

Why Dystopian Stories Like The Handmaid’s Tale Are So Popular
Why are we so drawn to such bleak, harrowing depictions of our future?

Remembering Tom Petty – and His Surprising Punk Past
The recent death of Tom Petty left a multitude of fans feeling, well, heartbroken. And nostalgic.

Exploring the Intersection of Black Freedom & the Labor Movement
Resources to research the life and accomplishments of A. Philip Randolph.

The Complex History of Holocaust Survivors in Latin America
A new research project focuses on perspectives of Jewish immigrants in Latin America as the region makes news headlines for past Nazi ties.

Empowering Research in American History Around the World
“Without ProQuest History Vault, I have no doubt that our students would struggle to produce such excellent work.” – Dr. Joe Street

Ebook Central Usability Continues to Evolve
Redesigned Ebook Central Book Detail Page Boosts Student Productivity

The Monkees Paradox: A T.V. Band That Became Real
Exploring how a subversive ‘60s situation comedy still messes with our heads.

Canadian Librarians and the Path to Librarianship
Recent two-part article from Jean Weihs chronicles stories of Canadian women who have pursued careers in library science.

Poutine: Food Fad or New Staple in International Cuisine?
Research indicates French fry-gravy-cheese curd dish isn’t just for Canadians anymore.
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