What Was Unique About the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising?
Why did this massive rebellion occur in the Warsaw Ghetto, and not in other places where armed resistance was perhaps more feasible?.

Putting the Spotlight on Saudi Research Achievements
How the Saudi Digital Library is raising global awareness of scholarly outputs from universities in Saudi Arabia.

The Ongoing Quest to Uncover Walt Whitman
A kind of literary detective, Zachary Turpin is making a career out of discovering lost writings from the 19th century.

How Japan’s Oldest Private University Evolved its Collection
Keio University’s library faced a challenge: they needed more books to support the school’s growing curriculum, but were running out of space. Here’s what they did.

Cookies, Consent, and Policies: Your Privacy at ProQuest
Our customers trust us to safeguard their and their users’ data, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

The Muckraking Mother of Investigative Reporting
How Progressive Era journalists like Ida Tarbell invented in-depth, evidence-based news coverage.

Librarians Are Heroes
For National Library Week, we share four of our favorites stories about social progress initiated in the library.

The Flipside of Fake News: Appreciating Responsible Journalism
Using reliable news content to learn how to think like a journalist and become a critical news consumer.

The Fight for Positive and Accurate LGBT Information in Libraries
Gay rights pioneer Barbara Gittings advocated for a revolution in the inclusion and cataloging of LGBTQ materials in public libraries.

Remembering the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda
Learn how researchers use testimonies from genocide survivors to understand the causes and impact of systemic violence.
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